Monday, April 27, 2009

Excerpt from "BEHOLDEN" poetry by Water Blakmon

感激--Casts of My Shadow

Did I ever mention this, mention this, mention this.
That I'm here, but I was gone a long time ago.
I'm that ghost you wake up to in the morning.
I'm that wind that makes you cringe

When you sniffle in the dawning.
I'm right here baby, but I'm gone
And I was gone a long time ago.

Let your ideas of me be confiscated by the laws of that

Alarm clock that looses it's power every night!
I'm that black ghost you kiss good night and
I'm that terror in your shadow!
Because I left a long time ago and you still find the time to

Appeal to the stillness of my hollow.
And you entertain the empty echoes of my "I Love you“
But it brews in the stew of your soul as sweet food,
But leaves you so hungry.

And baby its all for nothing
Because I am the ghost of a lover's past
Loved passed by once
And I never gave it another chance

感激—The Literary Heavy Bag

Extend the five fingers on my right hand

Contemplated the grace of peace

Forsook my fist and released my strife with an exhale

Literature beat downs over my brow

Felt like Rakim...nobody smiling

Smile at what?

What forewords that curve

Like right hooks on a notion

Left jab strokes of inhibitions

If I mentioned her name it'll stain my page

Raged that that counterfeit set my stage

I thought it was complex like chess moves
Restricted by moral logic

After that Toc Tic clocked my heart hit the bricks

Sticks and stones don't break bones like these

Saw you squeeze out that last bit of malice in intrigue

To author my anger and watch me

Re-percuss with a disgusting discussion

Over your harvest that begs me to reap it

Did I mention that I'm no longer hungry

For what we planted together

Weathered a storm with nothing to eat

Feet sore had my pains poured on in secret

Freak in enough

Got me twisted like a twissler

'Cause I still remain sweet

Done learned what it takes for those words

To Lurk around in a premature puzzle

And not bless it with a familiar figure

I don't stress it...I just let you forget I got the cure...

Part @ 2

Woke up with clinched fist
Tisk tisk tisk...risk talking to walls last night

(Read the rest in the book Beholden)

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