Monday, April 20, 2009

An excerpt from the book The Nappiness In My Soul by Water Blakmon

Where the love began
Eve and endings
Adam's seedlings
Archetypes of divinity

Voices in solitude
Galloping grounds
Swinging limbs
Dancing depths

Syria's swimming tides
Nimrods rumbling rocks
Cush's kindred caves
Egypt's golden roots

Blinding blades
Embarking escalades
Trembling tirades
Scattered blood

Battered love
Fickle fruit
Trivial pursuits
Centuries turned till tired

Wearied wicker sticks
Prickly perils by priestly pearls
Plucked up precious stones
Blood baptized in Kingly crimsons

Acirfa's menstrual
Almost out of life
Her child's proximate sacrifice
Death doing part
© 2008 Water Blakmon

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